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10 Ways to Dominate the Stories Feature on Instagram

If you haven’t yet used Instagram Stories to promote your brand, you’re missing out! It’s one of the most valuable features to date on the platform. It helps my business maintain the momentum which is why I want to share what I know with you.

With over a billion users on Instagram, everyone is competing for your followers’ attention. Rather than get lost in a sea of glamorous make-up demonstrations and luxurious tropical vacation photos, you stand out. 

One of the best ways to command a larger following is to use the Stories feature regularly.

It’s my go-to for my brand because of the boost in sales it provides me with regularly. I’m going to share my ten favorite ways to dominate Instagram Stories. That way, you can sell more on the platform, too!

Tip #1: Create relevant content regularly

The blog, “How to Use Instagram Stories,” posted by Shopify, is a good starting point to know the ins and out of selling with Instagram stories; It mentions that Stories are temporary and that you should plan them the way TV networks do with their programming. 

You’ll create a demand for video content if you have specific days, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, that you post to Stories because people will want to tune in to see what you have to say next.

Tip #2: Use hashtags and geotags to draw in new followers

You’ve got to have a way to appeal to the masses. I love the fact that I can use the same techniques while using Stories as I do in my feed to draw people into my world. 

The right hashtags and geotags are worth their weight in gold because they help me earn new followers by making the content that they crave instantly accessible.

Tip #3: Experiment with other formats besides photo and video

Creative expression is highly encouraged on Instagram. Besides photos and videos, you can use IG Stories to create text-heavy posts with colored backgrounds (Type), live stream and speak directly to your audience (Live), create second-long videos that loop (Boomerang), and even record video that will play the last frame shot first (Rewind).

I love experimenting with the different formats, including SuperZoom with allows me to get close-up shots of my subject, Focus, which blurs the background and lets me keep only a person’s face in focus, and Hands-free because I’m not forced to hold down a button to record video.

Tip #4: AirDrop your brand font into your Stories

This tip is for iPhone users specifically. It allows you to download and use the Open app to export the font you use for branding ( onto your phone. Once complete, you’ll have access to the .OFT file so you can use it in Type format as a way to add more personality to your posts.

Tip #5: Add filters while you’re Live

A humorous approach to live streaming that I use often is to apply filters using the face icon. I can instantly change my look to catch people off guard during filming. The comments I get from followers is hysterical and is one of the best ways to engage with my customers.

Tip #6: Schedule your IG Stories

The most ideal time to post your Stories is between 9 AM to 11 AM EST (source: I find that working within that timeframe helps a lot. 

Pre-scheduling your posts ensures that you’ll always have fresh content for your customers to see.

Tip #7: Use stickers

It’s another way to make your content stick out. Tiny graphics can enhance your storytelling capabilities. 

It’s a great way to highlight a product and express emotion when a post doesn’t involve a person.

Tip #8: Announce a contest or competition

If your followers are anything like mine, they love free stuff. Use the Stories feature to challenge them to a friendly competition. 

You can also gain interest in your brand by showing off the prizes you plan on giving away and asking your audience what they think about them.

Tip #9: Analyze how well your Stories do

It’s time to play detective and see which posts got you the most attention. If you want to know more but don’t want to read more, you can with metrics. 

I find that certain types of content do better than others with my audience thanks to the data I can access, such as impressions, reach, people tapping through, replying or bouncing away.

Tip #10: Have fun

Sure, running a business is work. With Instagram Stories, however, there is a lot of play involved, too. My advice is to keep an open mind, experiment, and create content that you love to share.

You, Too, Can Dominate IG Stories the Way That I Have

There is no limit to the incredible content you can create and share with your customers with IG Stories. 

Having a quick and easy way for them to view what you’ve posted is ideal. It allows the follower’s focus to remain on you and your brand, not another vegan recipe post or customized squishy video.

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