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Famoid Review & The 12 Best Alternatives Available

Famoid is one of many services out there that helps you grow your social media following by making it possible to buy followers and likes. Is it the best option out there? Will it put your account at risk? Will you end up with a bunch of fake accounts that don’t actually do you any good? 

We’ll take a closer look at the service and what you can expect, while also providing you with 12 alternatives you can use.

Top Famoid Alternatives

  1. YoViral
  2. ViralRace
  3. AiGrow
  4. Stormlikes
  5. AudienceGain
  6. Mr. Insta
  7. iDigic
  8. Socials Growth
  9. Instapromote
  10. SocialGrowr

What is Famoid?

Famoid is a platform that provides follower
services for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.For the purpose of this review
however, we will only be taking a look at the services they provide for
Instagram since that is what many of the alternatives in this list also

Features of Famoid

Famoid provides followers, likes, and views
for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. If you purchase YouTube Services, you
also have the option to buy video views. Delivery occurs within 48 Hours
regardless of which service you order and for which network you order it for.

Instagram, you can purchase packages for followers, likes, views, and automatic
likes. You can purchase the followers plan when you need to add followers to
your Instagram page. If you want people to view your Instagram videos, you can
buy the views plan.

automatic likes package is designed to deliver a constant stream of likes on all
of your Instagram posts. The plans are organized by volume so it’s easy to
choose the one you want.

Plans and Prices for Famoid

For Instagram, there are three different
plans. You can choose to purchase followers, likes, or views. Followers are
priced at anywhere from $3.95 to $249.95. Likes are available for anywhere from
$2.95 to $168.95. Views are available from anywhere between $2.95 and $99.95.

You can buy 100 followers for $3.95. You can
buy 250 Instagram followers for $5.95. You can buy 500 followers for $8.95 and
1,000 followers for $15.95. If you want to kick things up a notch, the highest
volume you can purchase it one time is 25,000 followers at the $249.95 price

If you want to buy 100 likes, you’ll pay  $2.95. You’ll pay $78.95 for 10,000 likes,
where all other packages will fall between those two price points.

If you want to buy 100 views, you’ll pay
$2.95. If you want to buy 10,000 views, you’ll pay $59.95. All other packages
fall between those two price points.

When it comes to automatic likes, you will pay
$129.95 for 100 likes and  $399.95 for
500 likes. You cannot purchase more than 500 likes at one time. The only other
option is to purchase 250 likes for $249.95.

Pros and Cons of Famoid


  • Customer service is available to
    users 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • You can combine plans to achieve
    your desired goals.
  • Choose only what you can afford.
  • They guarantee all the followers
    come from real accounts regardless of the social network.


  • 48 hour delivery on all services
    may look suspicious, especially if you purchase the higher tier packages.
  • The company operates on a new
    warranty retention policy for all networks and on all packages. This means they
    do not guarantee that your followers or likes will stick around after you
    purchase them. Many of the competitors we list below do offer a 100% guarantee
    that the followers and likes you get with their services are yours to keep
    forever, even if you discontinue using their services.
  • No refunds are offered once the
    product is purchased.

Final Thoughts

family platform has a variety of services and options to choose from to help
you build your online presence. Their affordable plans are easy to understand
and used and it only takes a few hundred dollars to build a solid social media

However because you don’t have the option to
gradually deliver your likes, followers, or views, it could look suspicious to
Instagram and possibly risk your account being shut down. This, combined with
the lack of a guarantee or refund policy makes us wary about recommending it to
our readers.

Let’s take a look at the top 12 alternatives
to Famoid you should consider using instead.

1. YoViral

YoViral is an Instagram tool that sends your
content to real, engaged people. They choose from a pool of Instagram users who
are most likely to give you likes and views. You have the option to choose
between gradual and instant delivery as determined by the needs of your

Investing in a monthly plan gives you the
advantage of receiving likes within one minute of posting new content to
Instagram, as the platform will automatically detect new uploads. In a matter
of seconds you can join the many brands and well-known influencers who are
already using this service to give themselves a competitive edge.

2. ViralRace

ViralRace is a trustworthy Instagram growth service dedicated solely to that social media network. With it, you can buy one hundred percent real engaged followers and high-quality views.

It works by pushing your content out to real users who are likely to engage with content like yours. Instead of relying on randomly selected users, ViralRace aims to push your content to members of your target audience. You have the flexibility to choose between rapid instant or gradual delivery of followers using the service.

followers, you also have the option to obtain likes as soon as you post. As a
respected engagement marketplace, it can help your brand or company build the
social proof you need to foster new business relationships and collaborations
with influencers. The activity can also help you reach Instagram’s Explore page
faster to explode your viral growth.

3. AiGrow

AiGrow is a managed Instagram platform. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to attract the type of followers you want for your account. All of this is done organically so you have real engagement with actual Instagram users.

The plans come with a 5-day free trial so you can see what you’re getting into before you buy. AiGrow also includes an intelligent direct message system and a powerful Instagram scheduler so it goes beyond allowing you to buy engagement.

4. Stormlikes

Stormlikes is a marketplace where you can buy likes and comments on your Instagram account. The aim of this service is to increase your engagement so you can build your online presence.

There is a free trial offer so you can see what you are getting before you commit to purchasing a plan. The service allows you to target a specific audience based on country and gender so you are able to get real Instagrammers that match your target audience. Here is a detailed Stormlikes review we did recently.

5. AudienceGain

Audience gain allows you to buy likes and followers for a number of social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also use it to grow your SoundCloud, Twitch, Snapchat, and LinkedIn profiles as well.

For Instagram, they have packages for followers, likes, automatic likes, and video views. You pay based on the number of likes or followers you wish to purchase. You can spend as little as $8 for 500 worldwide followers from real Instagram ads.

6. Mr. Insta

Insta is a platform you can use to grow your
Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook social media
profiles. You’ll get the most options when it comes to your Instagram account.
You can choose to buy followers, automatic followers, likes, automatic likes,
comments, and views. You’ll have the ability to purchase multiple packages and
the option to secure free followers.

7. iDigic

iDigic is a platform where you can buy Instagram likes, followers, and views. Prices start at $3.68 for followers and likes and $2.43 for views. The base packages at these prices include 100 followers, 100 likes, and 100 views respectively. Promises that all of the activity comes from real and engaged

Instagram account so you don’t have to worry about fakes or bots. Followers are delivered instantly as are likes and views. Plans allow you to purchase as many as 1,000 followers and 1,000 likes at a time and up to 5,000 views at a time.

8. Socials Growth

Social Growth is a platform that allows you to increase your Instagram engagement with real likes, views, and followers. It aims to provide organic grows so you can increase your popularity naturally. All it takes is three steps. You pick your package, enter all of your relevant data to ensure that the followers and Views you get come from people in your target audience.

Then you make your payment and watch your Instagram account grow. You’ll get instant followers, likes and views as soon as you sign up for your plan. Socials Growth comes with a lifetime retention warranty so you keep all of the followers likes and views that  the platform delivers forever. 500 followers starts at just $14.

9. Instapromote

Instapromote, you have yet another platform that allows you to buy Instagram followers, views, and likes. All of your orders are delivered quickly and come from authentic accounts that are part of the target audience you define based on various demographics.

You can find a number of packages available at a variety of price points so you can buy only what you can afford. It is possible to purchase customized followers and auto like packages so that you have engagement to go along with all of your social media promotion strategies.

10. Skweezer

Skweezer is another Instagram only gross platform that makes it possible for you to buy authentic followers and likes. Unlike many of the platforms available to choose from, Skweezer does not rely on the use of bots to deliver the products you order.

In addition to likes and followers,  you can also purchase Instagram comments and automatic likes. There’s also the option to buy active Instagram followers which suggests to us that buying regular Instagram followers or using their free followers service may mean that you get real accounts that aren’t actively monitored. Check out our Skweezer review, too.

11. Buzzoid

 Buzzoid Easy for you to grow your Instagram following and engagement. You can purchase followers, likes, or views and start seeing an increase in activity in a matter of minutes. Buzzoid promises that all likes and followers with immediate delivery are 100% real so you don’t have to worry about fake accounts or spam.

There are a number of packages to choose from. All you have to do is provide your Instagram username and email address and they can start working on your order. Your password is not required.  24-hour customer support is available and full refunds are available for people who are not satisfied with the service they receive.

12. SocialGrowr

SocialGrowr, another name for the Kicksta
platform, Is an Instagram growth platform that allows you to buy real Instagram
followers that are targeted for organic growth. You can get started in a matter
of seconds.

Rather than purchasing followers, likes, or
views as a one-time purchase, you choose between a standard plan for $49 a
month and a Premium plan for $99 a month. the standard plan is designed to give
you moderate growth with 10 targets. If you want 40 targets and the ability to
use Advanced targeting, you’ll need to invest in the premium plan.

If you were thinking about using Famoid to
foster faster Instagram growth, we suggest starting with one of these other
Alternatives and seeing what kind of results you get. This way, you can at least
get guaranteed follower growth that will last even after you decide to stop
paying for the services.

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