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How A Financial Blogger Should Handle Their Content Marketing Approach

Finance bloggers can impact the lives of their readers
positively and can make a decent
living doing so
. The one large factor is how the blogger is going to handle
their content marketing approach. Attracting readers without content is going
to be impossible so start developing a strategy whether you are established or
just getting started. The best thing any blogger can do is try to publish on a
daily basis but avoid putting up filler content that adds no value simply just
to get something published. The following are tips to help a financial blogger
should handle their content marketing approach.

Inform With Quality Content

The best thing that any blogger can do is come up with
quality content and produce this consistently. Not every blogger is going to
get thousands of shares on every published post as this doesn’t even happen to
the most popular bloggers. Topics like using a robo advisor
could be knowledge that could change the way that an individual invests their
money permanently. People tend to like different types of content so having a
weekly podcast can be wise along with graphics that explain data that could
otherwise be considered dull. See what the ROI is versus time/traffic to see
which form of content you should be focusing on in your strategy.

Backlinks On Relevant Sites

The one thing
that many bloggers do not know quite a lot about is backlinking and SEO for the
most part. This can be tough as you will have to contribute content and attain
backlinks to your blog on other sites. Getting these backlinks will help your
site rank for specific terms so make sure to do keyword research on these. Most
blogs are receptive to accepting content as long as it is not advertorial and
is of value to the site. The link could be in your author bio or in the content
depending on the policies of your target backlink site. There are specific
things that you need to avoid like sites that link back to payday loans or
gambling content. Getting links on these types of sites can actually do more
harm than good in terms of your SEO approach.

Engaging With Questions On Social Media

Answering questions on social media can be a great way to
increase follower count as well as come up with ideas for content. Not every
question is going to be complex enough to create content on it but watch social
media feeds for ideas. Even a hot take on a certain topic on social media can
spur conversation but avoid things like politics. In
today’s political climate
siding with anyone could have other implications
so it is best practice to stay away from controversy for most companies. This
will also help a blogger start establishing the blog and their name in the
finance niche.

Ask Readers What They Would Like To See

One of the easiest ways to create an editorial calendar is
by asking the readers what they would like to see covered. If there are
interesting ideas or consistent themes among readers then topics can be created
out of these. Your readers are a valuable resource so allowing them to
contribute in order to help them expand their writing portfolio does quite a
few things. They will share their content on your site to friends, family, and
hopefully a large social media following. The creation of community is done
through those in the community contributing which helps by increasing reader

The life of a finance blogger can be quite great if
successful as it comes with recognition as well as rewards monetarily. Take
care of your content marketing and it will take care of you as a blogger!

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