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How The Older and Younger Generations Compare and Contrast Concerning Social Media Use

Introduction To Social Media Usage Within The Different Generations

How someone uses social media(like Facebook and Twitter)really depends on their overall preferences. It also depends on what the younger and older generations hope to gain by using platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Yes, Facebook and Twitter are very popular, but there are other platforms to consider too. Other places like Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn are also very popular. However, some of those platforms may not be popular for every generation, says Benjamin Harow.

An Example From Marketing

According to some marketing findings, it is usually those who are 55 and younger that tend to use those platforms (like LinkedIn and Instagram) more. That is not to say that those 65 and older do not use those platforms, but the numbers are generally much lower. This generation tends to prefer news content, like MSNBC and other news stations.

Some Of The Findings Through History

1) History shows that more than 80% of every generation do use these platforms at least once a day. Once again, the number of hours will greatly reduce as you get to those 65 and older.

2) Overall, most users prefer seeing images compared to a written text(except for when you are sending a text). It is worth noting that those 65 and older also fall into this category. There are many reasons for this(of course).

3) Everyone from the babyboomers to the GenZers uses Youtube at least once a day, sometimes many times a day (88% and higher). Nowhere on this list did they find that percent of those 65 and older use Youtube(to a great extent). Once again, not to say that those 65 and older do not use Youtube. The numbers are much lower compared to the others.

Media Usage and Why

Indeed, these platforms had once been associated with only the younger crowds, but a lot of this is changing. Every generation uses these platforms, but for different reasons. A brief survey was conducted and this is what the marketers found.

Keep in mind, that every generation uses these platforms for different reasons. However, the list below correlates with some of the basic commonalities that have been found. Most users want to talk to friends and family(new and old). Most users want to find a community with those who are like-minded. Now, most would assume that it’s the younger crowds that do this more often. However, they have found that those 65 and older use these platforms for the same reason. Some have lost some of their friends and family they grew up with. It is only natural to want to have a friend that has something in common. Some look for solutions to problems want some fresh entertainment, and others want to expand their networks for business and personal use.

Once again, it all comes down to preference and the reason behind the use. These platforms are not segregated to the younger kids(like many initially thought). Those 65 and older are using it too, but some are just not using it as often compared to others, according to Benjamin Harow.

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