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How to Use All of Instagram’s Features

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. This app is used to share photos and videos with family members, friends, and followers. It has even proven useful for companies and businesses that are looking for a new, creative way to advertise. Instagram has gone through some significant changes over the years. Now, there are more features than ever before. It is critical for everyone who is looking to increase the number of Instagram likes they receive to take advantage of everything this amazing platform has to offer.

First, people need to know about the ability to personalize the Instagram feed. This is what people see when they visit the profile. There is a new option that people can use is called archive posts. Some people might not like the way they looked five or ten years ago. Maybe the styles used in that photo are no longer relevant today. Perhaps the photo or video is cluttering up the feed. Instead of deleting it (where there might be some buyer’s remorse), another option is to archive it. The best part of archiving a post is that the image is not gone for good. The photo can only be seen by the owner of the profile. The image can be restored whenever the user wants. Of course, people can keep the Instagram likes and comments on the picture as well.

Another feature of Instagram that people might not know about is called Instagram collections. Imagine scrolling through Instagram posts somewhere and coming across something that looks great. Maybe it’s a great gift idea or a cool place to travel. This might even be a dish that is begging to be tried. A week later, the memory has faded and it is hard to remember where that picture was at. Now, Instagram collections can help with this issue. This is a type of personalized collection that is similar to Pinterest. This is a great way o create a bunch of photo albums. Each album might be dedicated to a different topic. There is a bookmark icon on Instagram that allows people to save posts to collections easily!

Finally, most people have heard of hashtags. Now, there are custom stickers that people can use for their hashtags. Why would stickers be useful? Because they’re better. This is a great way to draw attention to a hashtag that needs to be promoted. This is a fantastic marketing tool that can be used by companies and businesses. In order to create an emotional connection with the audience, it is important to stand out. That is the role of the sticker hashtags on Instagram. Don’t forget to take advantage of this awesome feature and buy Instagram likes.

These are only a few of the many features on Instagram that are often overlooked. Instagram is changing and adding more features all the time. Those who want to keep their profiles visible should take steps to stay on top of the latest features.

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