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PR People: Don’t Do This #2

Journalists love to post dumb shit on Twitter, especially at the expense of dumb PR people. Are they wrong for doing it? Nope, absolutely not. A lot of the stuff journalist’s post shows how incredibly stupid PR people can be. Which is why we created a regularly occurring series on The Future Buzz called “PR People: Don’t Do This.”

As PR people, we have to send out a lot of emails. Like, a lot. And one of the first things PR people constantly fuck up is getting the person they’re emailing name right. For example, if they’re emailing a person named Jack and they call them Jake. Or if the person’s name is Kevin and they call them Ken. Seriously, you’d be surprised at how often this happens.

But one thing that’s more common than getting a name wrong is when a PR person blatantly doesn’t even get the name right, and instead keeps their placeholder text instead of of a journalist’s name. A quick example would be something like “Dear XX.”

Which brings us to this week’s topic of “PR People: Don’t Do This”

TechCrunch security editor, Zack Whitaker, recently tweeted out an almost criminal pitch he recieved last week. While the pitch (from what I could tell from a couple of sentences of his tweet) isn’t necessarily bad, the bozo who sent the email never removed the placeholder greeting. So instead of saying something simple and extremely normal as “Hey Zack” this dummy instead kept it as “Hi XX.” See for yourself:

A couple of things here could have prevented this tweet from ever being sent

  • The person who sent this never read their pitch before firing it off.
  • If the person had reread their pitch (like they should have), they would have obviously realized the placeholder text.
  • The most obvious thing here, is, uh, not writing Zack’s name from the start.

Like, how hard is it to look at someone’s name and type each out letter into your email. Seriously, WTF. How does this keep happening? How many more of these tweets do we need to keep seeing for this shit to finally stop? Sadly, the answer is probably never. These sort of mistakes will continue to happen. Thankfully, we’re here to call this sort of bullshit out. And truly, it’s a privilege.

Do you ever run into tweets like this? If so, we want to hear from you. This a regular series on The Future Buzz, so if you ever come across any gems like this, feel free to drop them in our contact page here or Twitter. For a quicker response, I’m always here too.

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