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PR People: Don’t Do This

Journalists love to post dumb shit on Twitter, especially at the expense of dumb PR people. Are they wrong for doing it? No, absolutely not. Not at all. A lot of the stuff they post shows how incredibly stupid PR people can be. Seriously, like, I’m not even kidding. I see these sort of tweets at least ten times a day. For example, as soon as I logged on this morning, I saw this gem. Like, seriously, WTF.

But the one that took the cake for me today was a recent tweet from former TechCrunch writer, Ryan Lawler. Seriously, look at this shit:

For those of you too lazy to click through all the images in Lawler’s tweet, in a nutshell, some bozo tried to pitch Ryan and mentioned a previous article of his in the pitch. PR people do things like this to make it seem like they actually give a shit about a reporter’s beat or that they’re doing their due diligence by reading their work. Pretty standard stuff, right? No, not at all. And here’s why.

Obviously, there are a few things wrong with this pitch

  • Um, Lawler no longer works at TechCrunch. His last post was published more than two years ago.
  • Lawler is Head of Content at Samsung NEXT. He’s been there for two years now. It’s right in his Twitter bio!
  • The pitch mentions something how the person “really enjoyed” Lawler’s “recent” article.

Like, as a PR person, how do you have the gall to fire off this pitch? Like, where did they even send this email to? Did the PR person lookup Lawler’s email from his Twitter account? And if that’s the case, did they even bother to read his bio? If they did, they would have clearly seen he doesn’t write for TechCrunch anymore. Man, I have so many questions.

Lawler later confirmed to me in a tweet that the pitch was sent to his personal email. Which brings up even more questions. If they put in so much effort tracking down his personal email address, why couldn’t they figure out he doesn’t write for that publication anymore. It literally would have taken two seconds!

Honestly, it’s things like this that give PR professionals a bad name. And with good reason. If we continue to pull dumb shit like this, we’re going to keep getting dunked on.

Do you ever run into tweets like this? If so, we want to hear from you. We’re going to make this a regular series on The Future Buzz, so if you ever come across any gems like this, feel free to drop them in our contact page here or Twitter. For a quicker response, I’m always here too.

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