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Successful Brands Use These YouTube Marketing Strategies

YouTube is the second largest search engine globally and 75 percent of viewers who watch video content click through to a website. With that in mind, YouTube is a great place to build a following for your product or services.

Create Viral Video Content

If you have a new brand or one that’s struggling to build identity, viral videos give you the exposure you need to grow your market. Creating viral content may seem far easier than it is. Many will fall short of your goals before you identify the right formula that works for your brand. Many brands have given their market share a boost with a YouTube marketing campaign.

Build an Engaged Community

Viral video content gets you on the map, but you also have to keep the audience engaged after the buzz dies down. Often, creating a stream of videos won’t work since gauging reaction is a hit or miss thing.

A much better strategy involved creating an engaged YouTube community of loyal viewers that interact with you. Here’s how to do that.

  • Create great users can use
  • Be consistent about producing new content.
  • Develop a branded theme


Paid advertising isn’t usually associated with this channel but it works. Spending money on Adwords of Facebook reaches a large percentage of your target market. However, YouTube is a universal application and a great place to meet your clientele. It’s generally a cheaper, more flexible, and you can develop content minutely targeted audiences.

There are four different ad options:

  • in-slate
  • in-stream
  • in-search
  • in-display

Each of these has their own value, but they all can be used to reach segmented users. You can play around to see what works best, such as displaying views by demographics, device, interests and contextual keywords.

Buy Views

Buy YouTube views to kickstart your video content and increase your activity.

“By increasing your ranking on YouTube’s search engine, your videos’ thumbnails are being seen by many more targeted people and get recommended on other people’s personal feed. This exposure to a broader, newly targeted audience will result in getting many more views organically,” according to Get Fans, an online marketplace that sells YouTube views.

Get Brand Placements

You might not land a Kardashian, but getting product placement with YouTube stars will increase your market. Be sure to choose someone who can legitimately represent your brand, even if they never say it out loud. YouTube stars can save you some effort with your target demographic. A major benefit is a hands-off approach with uncompromising results.

Implementing these measures can help you get a handle on your market before you spend tons of money on test marketing and they work better too.

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