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Imagine getting all the news you can actually use in four minutes or less…all without media bias…AND it supports journalism.

It seems too good to be true, but, as of today, it’s not.

The Neutral, an A.I. powered news site that combines original journalism with traditionally Left, Right and Center stories from reputable publications, launched today to provide readers a balanced view on trending news stories. 

Their motto, “bias-busting news for busy people,” showcases a new take on an oft dreamed about news functionality — balanced, objective and free (and ad-free) news for the masses. It comes complete with a public manifesto that is in itself a promise to the readers, to news outlets and to all journalists. It’s a call-to-arms to think differently about news when the traditional business model isn’t an issue or even the norm.

The Neutral is powered by Turbine Labs, a leading enterprise A.I. intelligence platform. Leigh Fatzinger, Turbine Labs’ Founder and CEO is “passionate about supporting high-quality journalism, bringing diverse perspectives together, and showcasing the potential that comes from integrating original journalism and artificial intelligence.” Turbine Labs will serve as the Publisher of The Neutral and maintain a bias-free approach both through their A.I. and the overall site format.

The Neutral believes that “biases” are impossible to eliminate from human consciousness. While most journalists are trained to be objective, it is impossible to remove who they are from the stories they cover. As readers, we should train ourselves to detect and understand their biases – by finding more than one perspective on the same topic, whenever possible.

Machine learning and AI offer an opportunity to identify breaking and trending stories, quickly identify multiple perspectives, and then weave those perspectives together into an original journalistic overview.  Each story is visually linked with at least two perspectives At its core, The Neutral offers an opportunity for readers to consider ideas that are different from their own.

Example of multi-sided and supported content in addition to the original “The Neutral Zone” overview

“The Neutral Zone” is a differentiator for The Neutral that provides a fact-based, unbiased overview of the topic, written by journalists. Each story then offers several articles across a range of viewpoints, each from reputable, vetted sources.  It references and refers readers to new and interesting stories and points of view enabling readers to broaden their knowledge. The goal of the site is to drive viewers to the original sources of content and encourage cross-sharing of information. No opinion or “perspective” articles are used within an article. 

The business model for The Neutral is different from most news sites.  Readers will notice that there is no outside advertising, page takeovers, or popups, resulting in an eye-catching, easy to read news experience free of interruptions.

When readers share The Neutral content on social media, they’re presented with an opportunity to further the spread of unbiased and multi-sided information, thus exposing media outlets to an exponential reach they may not have otherwise had.

“The traditional media model has been broken for years, and unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has dealt it another critical blow. Even prior to the pandemic, there were almost 15 times as many baristas in this country as journalists, and newspapers are shuttering at an alarming rate,” said Fatzinger.

“Our job is to explore new ways of supporting journalism that doesn’t rely on advertising or subscriptions in this kind of environment, and we believe The Neutral can help. First by getting readers out of their bias bubbles, and second, by exposing them to sources they may not otherwise look for,” he said.   

At launch the new site will focus on the following areas:

  • COVID-19
  • Neutral Hope: uplifting and inspirational
  • Neutral Politics
  • Neutral World
  • Neutral Business
  • Neutral Tech

The Neutral Site is now live at


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