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The Weekly “Follow Up”

Welcome to the very first edition of The Weekly “Follow Up.” If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re under new ownership. And while we’re still ironing out all the kinks, the one thing we’re focusing on is pushing out more content. Since taking the helm of The Future Buzz, we feel like we’re on a good pace.

So to keep you all caught up with all the stuff we published throughout the week, we’re introducing this weekly “follow up” to catch you up on all the things we published the previous week.

To give you a little background on what we’re up to, our editor in chief, Ed Zitron, wrote up a quick little primer on some of the things you can expect to see from us in the next coming weeks. As Ed says it, “we’re going to address everything – the good and the bad in our industries – and we’re going to really look to hear from you, our community.” Give it a read below:

Let’s catch you up on some of the things you may have missed last week.

One of our most viewed posts last week was brought to you by yours truly. It’s part of a new series we’re doing where we call out all the idiotic things PR people do on a daily basis. Mainly, bad pitches.

In our very first “PR People: Don’t Do This” series, our first bozo tried to pitch a former TechCrunch writer and mentioned a previous article of his in the pitch. Well, the only issue was the previous article he mentioned in the pitch was published more than FIVE YEARS AGO! And, oh, the journalist they pitched hasn’t worked at TechCrunch for at least two years. So yea, there’s that.

On top of calling out PR people for all their stupid shit, we do want to provide tips and tricks to make our readers better PR pros and marketers. A lot of times, we get asked really simple questions, but for the most part, they’re all the right questions. So one of the most frequent questions I usually get is how long PR people and marketers should wait until following up to a pitch a journalist has never replied to? Thankfully, the answer surprisingly isn’t all that complicated.

On the topic of pitching, want to know one of the biggest reasons journalists aren’t reading your pitch? In a nutshell, they’re too long and boring. Remember, journalists get over 100 pitches a day. If your pitch is short and sweet, you’ll most likely get a response. We dive deeper into this here.

A great deal of PR and marketing people are decidedly average in their knowledge and ability to communicate, which means that despite there being lots of people who want to do PR and marketing, you can get better than them by simply showing up and doing something clients like. For example, you get good at media relations, you can grow fairly successful by being just okay at your job! Read more here.

If you missed some of the stuff we published the weeks prior, don’t worry, we have you covered

Alrighty, that about sums up our very first Weekly “Follow Up”. We hope you enjoyed it. If we missed anything, please be sure to let us know in the comments below or via our Facebook or Twitter. If you prefer to have our stories emailed directly to your inbox, you can always subscribe here too.

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