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Upleap Review – Is Upleap a Scam?

Instagram is a wildly popular social media
network, but getting the visibility you want and need to make the most of it
can be difficult. This is especially true for new brands that are trying to
build traction with their audience and expand their reach while building brand

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of
services available to help you grow your Instagram account. Some of these
services allow you to buy followers, likes, and video views, while others focus
on using bots and automation to help you build a targeted audience based on the
parameters you provide.

though a relatively new service, is a popular Instagram growth tool. Here we’ll
take a closer look at what you can expect from upleap while also giving you an
overview of 10 of the most popular alternatives.

Top Upleap Alternatives

  1. ViralRace
  2. YoViral
  3. InstaNobel
  4. SocialStudio
  5. SocialCaptain
  6. Kenji
  7. SocialBuddy
  8. Head Copilot
  9. Magic Social
  10. Combin

What is Upleap?

Upleap is an Instagram growth platform that
matches you with a dedicated account manager. They help you get more Instagram
followers by taking the time to learn the kinds of followers you’re looking
for. By providing them with users who are like the ones you want to attract and
hashtags to monitor, you get smart targeting that allows you to get a real
boost in engagement.

Upleap Features

Upleap matches you with a dedicated account
manager who engages with posts for you. They take the time to view Instagram
stories of people you don’t follow to help you get noticed. You don’t pay for
likes, followers, or views – but rather the account manager who goes in and
acts on your behalf based on the information you provide them at sign up.

You provide up to 10 Instagram accounts that are similar to yours to help Upleap  Target followers who are interested in similar content. You can block the accounts of users you don’t want up leave to interactive with. And you can specify up to 10 locations that Upleap will use to find followers for your account.

Upleap Pros and Cons


  • Upleap comes with a free 3-day
    trial so you can see what the service could do before you commit to making any
    kind of payment. The free trial doesn’t require a credit card or any kind of
    billing information, which is nice in case you forget to cancel it.
  • The company guarantees that it
    will interact only with real Instagram users with the aim of increasing your
    engagement over the long-term.
  • It’s easy to add a description of
    your account along with relevant hashtags as part of the sign-up process.
  • You can save money by opting for
    annual billing. You can save anywhere from 25% to 40% depending on the plan you


  • The plans are relatively pricey
    ranging from $39 per month to $99 per month.
  • They claim to have a support team
    readily available 24/7, they don’t even have an FAQ page to help you with
  • They lack an email and phone form
    that you fill out when you sign up – which is something important for
  • You’re handing someone else the
    keys to your Instagram account.

Is Upleap Safe?

It’s hard to say whether this platform is safe or not. You do have to provide your Instagram account details for your account manager to get to work with your Instagram growth.

You don’t really have any control over what they’re doing in your account and you may find that you get red-flagged. As such, you may end up getting shadowbanned, especially if the service is too fast and not quite random enough.

That’s why we wanted to provide you with a
list of Upleap alternatives that you can use to grow your Instagram account
without worrying about it negatively affecting your presence on the social
media platform.

1. ViralRace

ViralRace allows you to purchase 100% real and engaged followers along with the likes and high-quality views. the platform pushes your content to active and real Instagrammers who are known to like content that is similar to yours.

Because of this, ViralRace users can rapidly generate real likes and followers to grow their accounts. With ViralRace, you can choose between instant or gradual delivery depending on your goals and preferences.

ViralRace is an excellent alternative to Upleap. You can buy 100% real, engaged followers and likes and high-quality views. The platform will push content to real, active Instagrammers who are predisposed to like content similar to yours.

This process helps ViralRace users to rapidly generate real likes and followers. ViralRace offers instant or gradual delivery, depending on your preference. You can get real Instagram likes and engagement whenever you post new content.

As such, ViralRace is a leading engagement platform for influencers and businesses who are looking to use social proof to land themselves on the Discover page faster and get better brand deals.

2. YoViral

YoViral is a platform that similar to viral
race. Your rival also allows you to purchase 100% real likes of high-quality
views from authentic active Instagram users. All of the activities can be
delivered immediately or whenever you choose. If you invest in a monthly plan,
YoViral automatically detects new uploads within 30 seconds and starts sending
you real likes.

Plus, there is no daily post limits so no matter how much content you publish, you will get your likes and views on every post. Mega influencers and brands are currently using this service with great success.

To get started, all it takes is two clicks. In a matter of seconds, you can place your order because all you have to do is enter your username and select the plan you want.

3. InstaNobel

Instanobel is a professional social media
management tool that works well for both personal and business Instagram
accounts. It helps you grow your following, and increase your engagement
through likes and comments on Instagram in just three clicks.

How many services like this limit the number
of Instagram accounts you can work with, Instanobel allows you to use an
unlimited number of accounts. You have full control over the filters for
precise targeting so you can ensure you only get real followers. Setup takes
less than 1 minute and it only takes about 10 minutes to get started.

4. SocialStudio

SocialStudio is another platform similar to
upleap where you are connected with a personal manager who handles your
engagement on Instagram. The difference is that it provides a 10-day free trial
compared to a 3-day free trial. The pricing plans are also a bit different
ranging from $49 a month to $99 a month.

The $49 monthly plan includes a personal manager with targeted followers, competitor targeting, and story viewing. It provides an estimated growth of 200 followers per month.

The $69 a month plan includes hashtag targeting while the premium $99 a month plan includes all of those features along with comments, location tracking, and direct messages. It provides an estimated growth of 400 to 1,500 followers per month.

5. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain is a powerful Instagram bot that makes automation easy. With its robust targeting features, you can be sure you are building a following that is interested in your content. SocialCaptain uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to avoid fake spam accounts and improve its speed over time.

Investing in the turbo plan allows you to
operate your Instagram actions up to 10 times faster and enable the smart
growth feature.

All plans include real-time analytics and growth reports so you can closely monitor your progress. There’s even an auto-direct message tool that’s currently in beta that allows you to send private messages to a username list or your new followers.

You’re completely in control of all your automation settings and your target audience so you can set it up the way you need to for your growth strategy.

6. Kenji

Kenji, unlike many of the other Instagram
services on this list only addresses likes. With Kenji, you cannot use it to
follow other accounts, on toast or send direct messages. However, it is still a
decent way to expand your reach and improve your growth. It also helps you fly
under the radar so you don’t risk getting your account banned.

Once you sign up, all you have to do is add
relevant hashtags to use. Based on these hashtags, Kenji will start liking the
content for you to help other Instagram users notice you and hopefully follow
you. once you add the hashtags, the system begins working immediately. It comes
with a 3-day free trial so you can try the service before you buy it.

7. SocialBuddy

SocialBuddy is a service designed to increase
Instagram engagement and followers. They use a process that is proven to build
an audience of followers who enjoy your content and engage with it.

SocialBuddy is another platform that provides you with a dedicated account manager who handles all of your Instagram activity before you. They do not use Bots or fake followers. With this system, you are allowed to use location and gender targeting, Target your competitors’ followers and more.

Your account manager is available via email and you are not under any obligation to sign a contract for the service. Social buddy makes it clear that your results will vary depending on your niche but they say most of their clients grow anywhere from 500 to 1500 followers per month. The standard plan is $79 per month.

If you’re trying to grow your overall social
media presence, you can also use social buddy to address Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,
Pinterest, and Linkedin.

8. Head Copilot

Head Copilot advertises itself as the only
undetectable Instagram automation bot. It claims to be undetectable because it
uses machine learning to emulate the latest version of the Instagram mobile
app. Features include auto-like, auto-follow, auto-comment, proxies, account
and hashtag targeting, and auto-unfollow.

The Head Copilot bot targets photos that
feature faces and likes them to get the attention of potential followers. It
identifies real human Instagram users that belong to the targeted audience you
specify and automatically follows them. The bot will also automatically
generate comments and supports the use of emojis.

The software makes it easy to create proxies
for each account, with built-in proxy support. You can select your target
audience based on hashtags or accounts – followers and following lists. An
added bonus is that Head Copilot will automatically unfollow anyone it follows
that doesn’t follow you back within a certain period of time, though the
feature is currently in beta. 

You make a one-time payment of either $59 or
$99 depending on the package you want. The software works on Mac, Windows, and
Linux devices.

9. Magic Social

Magic Social is an automated Instagram growth platform. It uses smart targeting algorithms to automatically like, comment, and follow/unfollow users who are part of your targeted audience. The idea is that it will get the user’s attention via notifications.

All you have to do is choose the plan that’s
right for you then connect your Instagram account. Provide some information
about your Instagram account and then let the targeting experts configure your
settings to get the best possible results. With MagicalSocial, you can target
people based on demographics and how they interact with specific hashtags,
usernames, and locations.

From there, Magic Social will automate your
Instagram activity based on your targeting criteria and personal preference.
You can also get a consultation with an expert to strengthen your overall
marketing strategy and improve your content creation efforts. You’ll get access
to analytics information to track your progress and compile your data into
easy-to-understand reports.

10. Combin

Combin is a software you have to download to
your computer, but it works to automate your account, scheduling posts and
keeping track of analytics. However, you do not have to sign up for the
scheduling features, if you don’t want to use that service.

The growth only plan lets you target people
you want to follow and focuses on improving your engagement rate. The software
is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

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