We Analyzed 100 Million Images Shared Online. Here are 6 Things we Learned

We Analyzed 100 Million Images Shared Online. Here are 6 Things we Learned

Every minute, 3.5 million photos are shared online.

In 2016 alone, 2.5 trillion images were shared.

Using Brandwatch’s Image Insights product, we’ve conducted unique research to reveal which brand appears the most in these images.

Download the report to find out:

  • How often brands are photographed online
  • The demographics of those sharing images
  • Which brands are pictured more by influencers
  • The sentiment attached to each brand’s images
  • And the 100 most visible brands online

6 things we found by analyzing 100 million images

1. McDonald’s appears in the most images online 

We analyzed 100 million images published online over the course of two months. On average McDonald’s was pictured 889,710 times a month.

2. Vans is pictured most by students 

We took a look at the types of people posting pictures online. Segmenting each author by their profession allowed us to see which brands are pictured most by students.

Turns out Vans lead the way. 35% of the images its logo is in are published by students.

3. The image shared the most times online was this 

Shared a massive 10,897 times and seen by 9.7 million people, this was the most viral image we found.

4. The brand photographed most by men is…Carlsberg 

With 83% of all its images online coming from male authors, Carlsberg leads the way, followed closely by Emirates and Nissan.

5. Mercedes-Benz is pictured 2x more than BMW online

With 85,070 unique images shared online over a two month period, Mercedes was photographed 2x more than their rivals BMW.

6. The brand photographed most by women is…Tory Burch 

80% of Tory Burch images come from female authors. Burberry, Pantene, and Boots follow closely behind.


To get access to this free report, simply click this link and press download.

And if you’re still not convinced, take a look at what Ann Handley said when she read the report:

“If it’s not yet clear to us that we as companies are no longer in control of our brands online… well, this report makes it irrefutable.” 

Discover the most visible brands online

Download the free report.



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