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Why Creating Media Lists Is A Great Way To Keep Tabs on Every Journalists’ Beat

I’ve heard a lot of PR people tell me that creating media lists is one of their least favorite things to do on the job. I mean, sure, I get it. It’s tedious work, it involves a lot of reading, and takes a huge chunk out of the day. While it’s not the most glamorous thing you can do in the PR industry, it’s one of those things that just need to be done. Whether you’re building a list for a future product launch, funding announcement, or whatever – media lists are a necessity.

For those of you new to the business or simply one of the folks who has never had the privilege of drafting a media list, these are basically lists of potential journalists you’re looking to pitch or target. Every PR agency makes these. Whether they’re big or small. It’s just one of those things you need to do if you want any sort of success at what you’re pitching. If you’re not making these lists, then you’re creating a whole mess of problems that could potentially cause you to look dumb.

When it comes to creating media lists, I have to say; it’s one of my favorite things to do here over at EZPR. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. For the most part, I handle the bulk of these. And there’s a reason why – at any given time if Ed or any other coworker comes to me wondering who a good journalist/publication would be a good fit for a particular client, for the most part, I can name a journalist off the top of my head without skipping a beat. And we’re not talking wild guesses either. I can nail it down to a journalist’s specific beat.

Once you start creating a fair share of media lists, you’ll be able to do this too

Really, it’s not that hard. We mainly deal with tech-focused clients here at EZPR. But as we know, the tech industry casts a wide net when it comes to journalists and publications. And you’ll soon this discover this when you regularly start creating media lists. For example, if you’re pitching a gadget of some kind, your past media lists will point you in the direction of folks who specifically cover or review hardware at a particular outlet.

The same could be said for funding announcements. Obviously not every tech journalist is going to cover funding news, but for the most part, most publications have specific people who cover these sorts of announcements. You’ll see this if you find yourself working on a few funding media lists for your clients. The same names and publications keep popping up. Naturally, these are the folks you should be going after.

Again, it’s not rocket science. If you start creating enough of these media lists, you’ll get a better understanding at who covers what and where they cover it. It’s a great tool and a valuable asset. Don’t be surprised when a client asks for a copy of your media list due to the fact you absolutely crushed it. Seriously, get in the good habit of making these. Even if it’s a small announcement. It’s a great way to gauge to see if you’ll get coverage or not.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree? When’s the last time you created a media list? Let us know down in the comments below or carry the discussion over to Twitter or Facebook.

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